From bodily injury to product or general claims, Crawford & Company has the expertise and resources to optimally manage a wide variety of liability claims. And because we know each case is unique, our professionals are committed to finding tailored solutions to your toughest liability claims challenges. We also have the insight to combine any or all of our resources to mitigate damages and expedite a fair and reasonable settlement.

Contractor's Liability
Crawford employs specialist adjusters who are experienced in dealing with the risks associated with contractors' liability claims. These losses generally have far-reaching impact on all parties involved and efficient handling in early stages is crucial. Learn more about services in your area.

Environmental Impairment
Crawford employs specialist adjusters skilled in dealing with this fairly new insurance sector. It becomes more prominent with the passage of time as a result of large scale catastrophic events, many of which impact hundreds, if not thousands of people at a time. Quick, decisive strategies around containment and claims handling are key to resolving these situations. Learn more about services in your area.

General/ Premises Liability Bodily Injury and Property Damage
The ever-escalating cost of litigation in liability matters is an important consideration for business owners. Crawford is highly experienced in dealing with general liability claims including bodily injury, property damage, personal injury, and others. Learn more about services in your area.

Litigation Management
Our services include investigating losses, insurance claim reviews and assisting in casualty investigations and research relative to matters of litigation. Learn more about services in your area.

Product Liability Bodily Injury and Property Damage
Crawford has global capability to work with its clients on product liability matters from start to finish. Our experienced adjusters are highly qualified and able to assist with initial damage assessment through containment and claims adjusting.Learn more about services in your area.

Product Recall/Tampering
Crawford's specialist product recall adjusters are able to assist our clients with all aspects of dealing with product recall cases. This includes first party expenses and third party liability. Learn more about services in your area.

Professional Indemnity
Facing accusations or allegations of actions covered under professional indemnity policies such as negligent acts, negligent errors, negligent omissions, or breaches of duty is highly emotive. Crawford's specialist adjusters understand this and are prepared to deal with these matters in the most effective and efficient manner. Learn more about services in your area.

Subrogation & Recovery
Subrogation is a critical function within the insurance claims process that determines which party has financial responsibility for the loss, and then recovers those funds from the appropriate party. At Crawford & Company, we have specialists who handle these cases and offer a variety of options. Through our partnerships, Crawford offers the most comprehensive subrogation and recovery services available. These services include fully-licensed subrogation adjusters, industry-leading technology, unsurpassed claim recovery potential, and the services of a law firm specializing in collections. Learn more about services in your area.