RAPPID<sup>SM</sup> Surgical Run-Off Solutions

RAPPIDSM Surgical Run-Off Solutions

RAPPIDSM, Crawford's proprietary run-off claims resolution framework, is a comprehensive set of tools, techniques and methodologies designed to address client needs throughout the run-off life cycle. RAPPID is based on research and discussions with carriers, regulators, run-off managers and discontinued operations advisory firms.

Services Include

Stage 1: Pre-run-off

  • Underwriting review, analysis and forecasting
  • Benchmarking
  • Strategic planning and capital analysis
  • Case review and claims leakage analysis
  • Reserve analysis and support

Stage 2: Staging run-off

  • Run-off Claims Portfolio AuditSM
  • Establishing a Run-off Claims BankSM of opportunities
  • Resourcing and management
  • Execution planning and goal setting
  • Advanced third party and reinsurance recovery, commutations and arbitration analysis

Stage 3: Run-off execution

  • Run-off case categorization, strategy formulation and execution
  • Strategic tracking and control
  • Depositing surplus increases into the Run-off Claims Bank
  • Reinsurance recovery, arbitration and commutation support
  • Third party liability and subrogation pursuit

Stage 4: Run-off closure

  • Complex case alternative settlement techniques and resolution
  • Capturing remaining contributions to surplus
  • Final reinsurance recovery and arbitration support
  • Final third party liability and subrogation resolution


  • Systematic analysis: Each case is systematically analyzed by our proprietary run-off diagnostic tools to evaluate against a set of adjudication best practices.
  • Accelerated closure: Our disciplined, surgical process accelerates closure on marginal business and, in so doing, release capital to invest in more profitable business segments and relationships.
  • Aggressive pursuit of third-party liabilities: We aggressively identify and pursue third-party liabilities and capture reinsurance recoveries and commutations.
  • Constant monitoring: All run-off cases are electronically tracked against resolution plans in Crawford's state-of-the-art Command Center, located at company's headquarters in Atlanta. Our proprietary inventory system tracks current status and other details of each run-off claim so that clients and Crawford managers know the precise status of their claims at every stage in the process.
  • Innovative Techniques: As the world's largest publicly listed independent provider of claims management solutions to companies and self-insured entities, we have managed claims in a number of run-off situations and can offer innovative techniques to help carriers improve profits, raise surplus and release capital.


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