Mission, Vision, Values and Culture

Our mission, vision and values serve as the guiding force behind our relationships with our valued stakeholders – including our clients, our shareholders, and each other.


To restore and enhance lives, businesses and communities


To be the leading provider and most trusted source for expert assistance, serving those who insure and self-insure the risks of businesses and communities anywhere in the world


Our mission is embedded in our values—to RESTORE is part of everything we do. 

R – Respect – We practice integrity and ethical behavior, embrace each individual’s unique talents,  honor diverse lives and work styles, and promote a spirit of cooperation

E – Empowerment – Employees are emboldened to advance the company mission, take ownership of their career progression, contribute ideas to meet industry challenges, and hold themselves and others accountable

S – Sustainability – A focus on corporate social responsibility, giving back and being good stewards in our communities 

T – Training – An environment where employees are stimulated, knowledgeable, and satisfied

O – One Crawford – A global mindset that’s inclusive, mission-focused, customer focused and on the move

R – Recognition – An ecosystem of recognition and reward for our employees’ hard work

E – Entrepreneurial Spirit – A shared passion to succeed, outpace competitors and innovate


Crawford & Company employees are innovative, engaged, and on the move. Combining a legacy of over 75 years with our global capabilities and industry-leading technology, our employees are immersed in existing industry best practices while always seeking ways to do business better, more efficiently, and creating more value for our clients. 

We hail from more than 70 countries and speak dozens of languages reflecting the global audience we serve.  Though our reach is vast, we proudly operate as one Crawford: united in mission, vision and values. Every choice that we make as a company, from how we organize our business to how we recognize employee achievements, serves our greater mission of restoring and enhancing lives, businesses and communities. 

Crawford employs the best and the brightest individuals in the niche markets we serve, specialists who possess unmatched experience in difficult situations and deliver top-notch customer solutions when our clients need us most.  Our culture is one that recognizes these individuals, while always putting our clients first.  At Crawford, employees are empowered to grow, emboldened to act and inspired to lead.