Environmental Responsibility

When conducting business, we also take meaningful steps to ensure our processes are efficient and our employees are engaged in helping us to reduce our environmental impact.  This is demonstrated by our heightened ecological awareness and involvement with initiatives throughout the Company.  We incorporate sustainability criteria into our purchasing policies, from selecting vendors that offer eco-friendly solutions to using fuel-efficient, lower emissions fleet vehicles. We have implemented programs to reduce energy consumption in our data centers and use audio and video conferencing to reduce travel impacts.  Every administrative and operational process is carefully reviewed to potentially reduce our carbon footprint.

Last year, we relocated our Broadspire office in Plantation, Florida to a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified facility in Sunrise, FL.  This building features green energy solutions such as solar panels that generate power to the computers and copiers, and incorporates rainwater collection processes to source water for the low-flow toilets and non-potable needs.  Employees were even provided washable cups to reduce landfill usage from non-biodegradable waste.

Crawford keeps a keen eye on environmental sustainability.  The graphic below illustrates the environmental benefits accomplished by ongoing recycling and paper shredding projects in our U.S. offices throughout 2010.