2014 Global Day of Service Featured 50 Volunteer Projects in 25 countries

Crawford service ambassadors around the world coordinated more than 50 service projects as part of the Company’s sixth annual Global Day of Service (GDOS) on October 4, 2014.

“I am very appreciative and humbled by the outpouring of support shown by Crawford employees, their friends and families. In this, our sixth year, participation was greater than ever, a notable expression of the strong tradition of volunteerism and service to our global communities,” said Crawford President and Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey T. Bowman.

Reports are still coming in from coordinators of the more than 50 projects carried out by volunteers in 25 countries helping a wide range of charities including orphanages, homeless shelters, retirement homes, animal rescue facilities, blood drives, food banks, nature parks, and fundraising for disease research. Some of the activities undertaken include the following:

  • In Santiago, Chile, volunteers brought a petting zoo, face-painting fun, toys and clothing donations to brighten the day for 100+ children living in an orphanage.
  • Dusseldorf, Germany employees held a bake sale, raising funds for supplies to deliver gardening and landscaping support to a retirement home for seniors in need.
  • In Milan, Italy, participants constructed new cages, cleaned kennels and painted a facility for neglected dogs. They also prepared dinners for a local association that serves the homeless in their community.
  • In Kuala Lumpur, volunteers organized a blood donation drive for their local blood bank.
  • In Sandvika, Norway, Crawford supporters collected clothing donations for an organization that distributes necessities to people needing basic essentials
  • In the UK, volunteers assisted with placing red poppies (flowers), part of a massive commemorative art installation of more than 800,000 ceramic poppies - each representing a British life lost during World War One – in the moat surrounding the Tower of London.
  • In Jacksonville, FL, volunteers prepped walls and ceilings for renovation, including patching, sanding, and painting and making repairs in bathrooms at the YMCA.
  • In Schaumburg, IL, a variety of ecological restoration work was performed including cutting invasive shrubs, removing brush piles, collecting and distributing native seeds in a protected forest preserve.

Company employees also served their communities individually if they were not able to join a group project. 

Some company employees also served their communities individually if they were not able to join a group project

Crawford Contractor Connection coordinated the partnership of some 20 companies from their contractor network around the U.S. who joined forces for our service initiative. Their efforts ranged from home repairs and park clean-ups, to Habitat for Humanity builds, hosting a golf tournament fundraiser for law enforcement, coordinating a clothing drive for veterans, and providing free dry cleaning for a retirement facility. Some contractors also worked alongside Crawford employee volunteer groups in their projects.

In Crawford’s headquarters city of Atlanta, GA, about 250 volunteers touched the lives of others at the Atlanta Mission, a non-profit organization that, on a daily basis, provides life resources for more than 950 homeless men, women and children in metropolitan Atlanta, including emergency shelter, job attainment services and transitional housing. Crawford volunteers engaged in a variety of projects at two Mission facilities including deep cleaning, pantry and classroom organization, outdoor cleanup and landscaping, an interactive hospital art painting project, as well as arts and crafts projects with guests, gardening in the urban garden, minor repairs, interior and exterior painting, lunch assistance and fellowship with guests. Atlanta employees also donated new sheets and pillows, funds, food items, clothing, and cleaning provisions for the Mission and its guests.

We have posted project photos on our Crawford social media pages and we invite you to visit our 2014 Global Day of Service photo gallery to see images submitted from service projects around the world.

Mark your calendars for 2015 Saturday, October 10, 2015 – and we hope you’ll plan to join us for our 2015 Global Day of Service.